West Pharma, high quality for the pharmaceutical industry

Specialising in the production of stoppers, syringe plungers and needle guards, West Pharmaceutical Services works for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

And Giroptic seduced Facebook

Giroptic specialises in 360-degree imaging. Founded in 2008, this Lille start-up is in the world’s top tech, alongside Samsung and Nikon, thanks to its flagship product: Giroptic iO.

The exceptional coastline of Hauts-de-France

From the English Channel to the North Sea, from the Baie de Somme to the Côte d'Opale, Hauts-de-France offers an exceptional coastline of more than 190 km.

“The European Medicines Agency, a unique opportunity” – Etienne Vervaecke

Etienne Vervaecke - Managing Director of Eurasanté